Happy World Product Day! [WPD]

Anyone else really missing the social aspect of design conferences?

Maybe it could be the free food or booze that’s missing…

Webinars are definitely lacking the social aspect of actual “meet ups”. Virtual technology lacks the real world environment.

I found I was obsessed with clicking “Going”. I started to become anxious over all the upcoming notifications and trying to keep up with my subscribed emails. It soon became more of a chore than anything. My way to recharge and detox was to not look at social media for a weekend.

I’ve compiled a list of the webinars I have attended (updating as I go- as…

The first website evaluation I will discuss regarding UX Design improvements is iTutorGroup.

I completed a TEFL Certificate last year to teach english online. I wanted a remote job to earn extra cash for when I was a student in University. It proved difficult in finding remote work but easy to find a job should I want to move abroad. I found most TEFL remote jobs only hired teachers from America. My interview was successful with TutorABC and I began working from the comfort of my own home teaching children from Taiwan and China.



In order to cancel…

Niamh Aughney

Founder, Aughney Designs

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